These small robots were designed to be a much smaller replacement for robots that are typically used to teach the ROS (Robotic Operating System). This compact form factor allows educators to develop multi-robot systems that can fit on a desktop, removing the burden of having to arrange a classroom specifically for teaching robotics concepts. The robots are quite capable despite their diminutive stature, features include:

  • Stepper motor drives, providing open loop odometry
  • Infrared uplink and downlink communications
  • On-board charger and contact charging points for in-experiment charging.
  • Two front facing IR proximity sensors
  • Downwards facing IR line detector

A ROS stack was developed to control the robots from a central work station, allowing real world demonstration of the power of the ROS system, while keeping cost to a minimum. These robots have been used successfully in teaching robotics concepts and low level microcontroller programming in our private tutoring sessions. A detailed set of logs regarding the development of these robots can be found here and some further details here.

Below is a crude playlist of un-edited videos that demonstrate the robots.