I am an enthusiast of robotics and electronics, both in work and in my own time. I have completed a PhD in robotics, which was focused on development and testing of custom robots to spray liquids onto surfaces. This has led me to become knowledgeable about on-line path planning approaches, position estimation and compensation, novel manufacturing techniques and much more.

Until recently I have been working towards applying my knowledge to tracking and computer vision tasks within the Microsoft Mixed Reality team, focusing on algorithm development for AR systems such as the Hololens. I was the technical lead engineer on the Moving Platform feature for HoloLens 2. This gave me the opportunity to work cross industry, including shipping, automobiles and thinking about the future of AR in public transport.

I always have a number of projects in development, and I pride myself on making my own experience. You can find more information about my personal by exploring the images and videos on this website. (I cannot guarantee that it is always up to date! Email me! joshua@elsdon.io )